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Mini Martial Arts Documentary December 2018 At Courage Training Centre we are blessed to have a network of experienced and sincere martial artists. Some of these great humans visited us this year and shared part of themselves with us. We wanted to spread the message of the benefits of surrounding yourself with a group of positive martial artists or fitness enthusiasts. You don’t even have to know these guys personally to feel the sincerity in their words. I hope this video helps someone have the courage to get involved. It really can help you work towards a stronger version of yourself........⛩🙏🔥💗 Like, share, and comment if you enjoyed the video.

Posted by Courage Training Centre on Sunday, 30 December 2018

The role of this centre is to seek out and close with your potential, to create and capture new goals, to inspire strength and courage, by hard work and commitment. Regardless of difficulty, circumstances or obstacles.

– Coach Bone

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