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KIDS Self Defence & Anti Bully Programs

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Kids Mixed Martial Arts and Kids Kudo. Will provide your children the opportunity to grade in Kids Kyokushin Budo Kai Kan (All round fighting) Under Ian Bone and Paul Cale. Our kids MMA program will prepare your children for striking arts such as kids boxing, kids muay thai, kids kyokushin and kids Kudo. This class will also prepare them with takedowns essential to compete in ammatuer MMA when they are old enough to move into the adult classes. They will also recieve kids self defence training to deal with any bullying or conflict that they may encounter. Our Kids MMA program is second to none. And we hope to inspire and empower your kids to be the best version of themselves so they can take on any battle in our out of the centre.


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Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu! Or Kids BJJ, Made popular by its use in vale Tudo competitions and more recently in the UFC and other Mixed Martial Arts competitions. Kids BJJ is a large part of our kids martial arts progam. Through our kids BJJ program your children will recieve the best kids self defence available. It will prepare your kids to be more confident resiliant in a fun safe environment. With opportnities to compete in Kids Brazilian Jiu jitsu competitions locally and further abroad.


Bully Proof Your Kids

Courage Training Centre has a Mission

This is no ordinary training centre.  This is a Courage factory.  This is a place not just about Combat Fitness and Martial Arts.  This is a place where you can find your Courage and leave with a Soul that is harder to kill and a Body to match. We at the Courage Training Centre want to provide each and every client with the Courage and belief that they can be better every day and the skills to match. The Courage Training Centre is structured to provide you with a warriors physique using military and professional combat sport training methods. The Courage Training Centre is run by veterans and combat sport professionals that will provide you with tried and tested training methods.  Along with the correct nutritional guidance to get you in top condition. On top of all of this You will walk out with Courage and the ability to look fear in face and smile.

Head Coach: Ian Bone

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Who Should Train At The Courage Training Centre?

We encourage anyone who wishes to find their inner courage to join us at our Courage Training Centre.  We want to share with you the training methods used by our military and top combat sports athletes.  The training, the fuel and the mindset.  Without COURAGE everything else is futile!


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